LapidusData provides market validation services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our epidemiology analyses and market models support strategic decision-making throughout the product life cycle—offering proven value from clinical development to market leadership

When can a LapidusData analysis add value to drug development?

We offer deep dives into epidemiology and highly flexible models that match real-world patient flow dynamics. These services raise confidence and reduce risk when you.

Assess the value of an opportunity

Search for untapped market potential

Measure performance

What makes our approach unique?

With over a decade of experience in the orphan drug space, we use a proprietary methodology to build analyses and applications that can function at any level of your organization.

Epidemiological rigor

We ensure that the fundamental population data reflect the best available knowledge. If published data are insufficient, we can guide original research using administrative data (e.g., insurance claims), physician research, or primary epidemiology studies.

Flexible and powerful market models

A user-friendly interface makes it easy to build forecasts with complex market dynamics. Both high-level reports and deep analyses are available, with an emphasis on scenarios and sensitivity analyses.

Work together?